Hebei Institute of foreign languages has 52 undergraduate majors, which will recruit students nationwide in 2021

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Recently, the Ministry of Education issued the notice of the Ministry of education on publishing the record and approval results of undergraduate majors in Colleges and universities in 2020 (JGH [2021] No.1). Five majors, including information and computing science, exhibition economy and management, fine-art, international economic and trade rules, and block chain engineering, have been included in the list of newly registered undergraduate majors, further optimizing the disciplinary structure and layout of Hebei Foreign Studies University. These majors will start enrollment in 2021.

Up to now, Hebei Foreign Studies University has 52 undergraduate majors, including foreign languages, education, art, media, computer, financial accounting, medical care, architecture, business and trade, tourism management and other ten categories, and 147 undergraduate and junior college majors. All majors are open to enrollment nationwide. Candidates are welcome to apply for HFSU.

Information and Computing Science

This major is oriented to the software information service industry. It aims to cultivate students with good mathematical foundation and mathematical thinking ability, master the basic theories, methods and skills of information and computing science, master the basic knowledge and skills of computer software development, be able to skillfully use mathematics and computer technology to analyze and process information, and be proficient in data processing, information processing modeling, program algorithm design and software development It has strong professional ability and good comprehensive quality, and can be engaged in information extraction, information processing, software design and development in IT enterprises, institutions and educational institutions.

Exhibition Economy and Management

This major aims to cultivate students with firm ideology and politics, all-round development of morality, intelligence, sports, beauty and labor, adapt to the development needs of international, domestic and regional exhibition industry, master the professional foreign languages of exhibition, as well as the core knowledge and skills of exhibition operation and management, event planning and organization management, exhibition marketing and promotion, exhibition information processing, exhibition venue management, exhibition customer service, etc Exhibition foreign trade enterprises, government agencies, trade promotion organizations, industry associations, exhibition companies and large and medium-sized enterprises and institutions are applied, globalized and high-quality talents engaged in international, high-level exhibition and large-scale event planning, international business negotiations, exhibition foreign language services, project operation management, brand marketing and international promotion.

Fine Arts

This major is committed to cultivating applied and compound senior art talents who can engage in art research, art creation, art editing, art planning and art management. After graduation, students can work in local art museums, art museums, art research institutions, painting academies, galleries, publishing houses, newspapers, media culture companies and other cultural enterprises and institutions.

International Economic and trade rules

This major aims to cultivate students with firm ideology and politics, all-round development in morality, intelligence, sports, the United States and labor, and adapt to the construction of a socialist legal system with Chinese characteristics. They not only have solid Chinese legal knowledge and practice ability, but also are familiar with the legal system of Latin American countries, master relevant professional knowledge of economy and trade, master international economic and trade rules, have international vision and good cross-cultural communication One belt, one road to international trade disputes, international investment disputes and transnational intellectual property disputes, can solve the problems of local, applied, and globalized economic and Trade Law in all kinds of foreign related legal issues, such as "one belt, one road", free trade area and free trade port. Ability to organize, multinational enterprises and international law firms to engage in relevant legal work.

Blockchain project

This major aims at the development of social economy and information technology, facing the industrial demand of blockchain technical talents, cultivating the system to master the basic knowledge of mathematics, natural science and basic theories and methods related to computing system, and master the theories and technologies of cryptography, distributed network, distributed data storage, blockchain architecture, consensus mechanism, intelligent contract, etc Blockchain mainstream platform building, distributed comprehensive application development and operation and maintenance and other blockchain project development capabilities, with practical experience in blockchain project development, understanding and following the professional development of disciplines, high-quality application-oriented, innovative and international talents with employment competitiveness in blockchain research, design, development, deployment and application.