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Hebei Foreign Studies University and Swedish Language Institute Initially Reached a Cooperation Intention

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On the afternoon of June 15, 2020, Vice President of Hebei Foreign Studies University and Executive Dean of China's Belt and Road National Economic and Social Research Institute Academician Perez, Assistant President and Foreign President Dr. Yang Zhen, Vice President of Foreign Affairs Chen Wei , Wang Yunli, Deputy Director of the International Division, Xiao Ping, Executive Dean of the School of International Finance, Professor Hu Guohua, a Swedish foreign teacher, Li Lin, a teacher of the International Division, and Ms. Monika, Chairman of Overseas Swedish Teaching at the Swedish Institute, and East Asia Regional Teaching Responsibility of the Swedish Institute Ms. Eva, the person and chairman secretary, held a video conference on work related to the cultivation of Swedish talents.

At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Yang Zhen, Assistant Foreign President and Vice President of Hebei Foreign Studies University, introduced the situation of epidemic prevention and control in my country, and conveyed President Suns cordial greetings to Sweden and the Swedish Language Institute during the epidemic. After that, President Yang introduced the basic situation of Hebei Foreign Languages College and Swedish teaching in detail, and proposed that Hewai as one of the few universities in the country to open Swedish, attaches great importance to the teaching of Swedish, and aims to cultivate Swedish talents and promote The messenger of Swiss cultural exchange. Chairman Monika expressed his gratitude to the Hebei Foreign Language Institute for opening Swedish, and introduced in detail the responsibilities and scope of work of the Swedish Language Institute: The Swedish Language Institute was established in 1945 and belongs to the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is mainly responsible for the promotion of Swedish language and culture. The official institution of the country cooperates with the Swedish embassies and universities in various countries to spread the Swedish language and culture.

The two sides exchanged and discussed Swedish language talent development work and Swedish country and regional research work, and agreed to try to cooperate in many fields, such as information sharing policy, Swedish language level examination, teacher exchange, cultural exchange, academic exchange , Swedish country and regional research, the Swedish Language Institute also expressed its willingness to provide support in teaching materials, teachers, language exchange training, etc. The meeting ended successfully.

 After the meeting, the participants of Hebei Foreign Languages Institute discussed the specific details of the cooperation, and specially connected Professor Hu Guohua with video. Thanks to Professor Hu for his contribution to the expansion of international cooperation of Hebei Foreign Languages Institute, and deepened the further implementation of the project. Explore.

The success of this video connection marks the beginning of the cooperation between the Hebei Institute of Foreign Languages and the Swedish Language Institute. Next, the Hebei Institute of Foreign Languages will also strengthen contact with the Swedish Language Institute to advance solidly and tap more for Swedish language teaching. High-quality resources provide more research materials for Swedish country and regional research.