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A Visit to the Embassy of Pakistan in China

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A Visit to the Embassy of Pakistan in China

     On the morning of December 11th, the Dean of International Business College of HFSU Liu Dongxia and the head of International Affairs of the International Business College Ran Dongqing visited Ms. Sughra Habib, First Secretary for cultural exchange of the Pakistan Embassy in China, Mr. Muhammad Suleman Mahsud, Educational attache of Education unit, and Mr. Imran Aziz, personal assistant to Muhammad. They warmly invited us to have lunch together. At the beginning of the discussion, Miss Liu introduced HFSU in detail, she spoke about the great achievements at home and abroad. She put particular emphasis on the 7 foreign Academicians we have in our school, something that is very rare to see in Chinese Universities. In addition, Rector Sun Jianzhong was awarded as one of the Academicians of the Cuban Academy of Sciences, this has made all of our teachers and students very proud.

     During the visit they also exchanged views on the following subjects:

1. The recommendation of Urdu textbooks: We hoped the embassy would advise us on the use of native textbooks. They responded that they would contact local colleges and universities to discuss and see if they would recommend excellent resources for our students to use;

2. Cultural exchange: Sughra, the head of cultural exchange for the embassy, said that she would support in our effects further cultural exchange at HFSU. She said materials related to cultural exchange would be shared with our students and they would also be invited to participate in the embassy's cultural activities.

3. Recommendation of teachers: For the long-term development of Urdu and Pashto languages at HFSU, we hoped that the embassy could recommend excellent teachers with master's or doctor's degree to join our university so as to further promote the cultural exchange between our two countries.

4. International cooperation: We hoped the embassy could help promote the cultural exchange between our university and the universities of Pakistan, by recommending Chinese students and educational researchers to their universities for academic exchanges.

5. Campus Visit:  Miss Liu sincerely invited officials of the embassy to visit our school. They said that they would put it into their schedule for the first half of next year.

     Through the visit, our school has established friendly relations with the Embassy of Pakistan in China. We will continue to work closely with them and keep in touch to implement our related goals so as to ensure the construction of our school's minority languages and personnel training!